Robyn worked with me one-on-one when I was really struggling in my work and personal life and gave me so many tools to work with. Set up my dream board, set realistic goals, believe in myself and see the positive first. By following these guidelines, that inner emptiness got filled with excitement, love and confidence.
– Marthie, SA

Robyn has been a constant shining light for me on my personal journey and always approaches everything with a calm demeanor. She has this extraordinary way of being empathetic but simultaneously offers guidance with conviction, making you aware of what you can change. Her guidance always comes from a place of non-judgement, and she has never discredited my belief system. Robyn’s pursuit of her own personal growth is something I admire so much.
– Candice, SA

I feel very privileged to learn from Robyn. Our conversations, whether long or short always leave me thinking differently or positively. I love, that no matter what situation we are in there is always a light with Robyn around. She is someone that truly inspires me and I constantly feel very lucky to have in my life.
– Kerry-Lee, NZ

Robyn has been my teacher for many years. She has a curiosity about life in all its dimensions – seeing things differently to many young women her age. I love her ability to embrace all beings equally, with kindness and open-mindedness. She strives to be true to what resonates within her. I have witnessed the power of her mind as she uses affirmations, visualizations and gratitude to manifest her desires. I look forward to attending her manifestation courses.
– Alison, SA

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