Work with me

You are welcome to sit down and have a cup of tea with me over a 20 minute video chat to see if we resonate with each other and if you’d like to work with me.

One to One coaching:

Work with me one on one, where we connect over Zoom every two weeks to help you personally create your dream life and bring contentment into the area you most need it.


Work with me in an intimate group online where we go through tools and soul work to build that manifesting mindset. 

Current course: 

● Co-Create Contentment with Robyn Tamlin-Lea

Digital Courses:

Gain access to the course that resonates with you most and go through it online, in your own time. Its like having me personally in your lounge chatting through how to manifest your dream life. 

Current Digital Courses:

● Co-Create Contentment with Robyn Tamlin-Lea

● Own Your Light

● Wealthy Warrior – Money Manifestation

Oracle Card Reading:

Wanting to find answers to an area of your life? Receive a beautiful, 3 card reading to bring through clarity and activation of what your soul is calling you to do. I use Work Your Light Oracle card deck with insightful words and gorgeous images.

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